Driving directions are provided through the below google maps with supporting links for direct navigation routes from your location to each race event.

Checkpoint Information & Directional Map

Northome -
Vet Check & Race Start
Squaw Lake -

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View Voyageurs Classic in a larger map

The Squaw Lake checkpoint will be the finish for the Trophy Class race.

Barney’s Resort -

View Voyageurs Classic in a larger map

The Barney’s Resort checkpoint is 39 miles from the start, and 39 miles from the finish. This is a “wilderness style” checkpoint. Teams will be taken care of by the MUSHER ONLY – except for the following:

  • Handlers may meet their team at the Barney’s Resort line, assist in taking the team to the layover area, monitor the dogs when the musher is away from the team, and assist the team back to the restart line. NO OTHER HELP IS ALLOWED.
Cold water, straw, and a place to get out of the cold will be provided. Musher must bring all gear and food for this checkpoint in the sled upon leaving the start.